Tapasbar La Costa

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Here we are!

You will find Tapasbar La Costa in Los Cristianos.

C.C. San Telmo is the name of the centre.

Calle Habana (street name), Street side local 4b.

Are you with a car? Follow the signs to the harbour (Puerto) of Los Cristianos. When you´re almost there, you are already driving through the right street.  Calle Habana. Parking places (free!) available in front of the door.

Are you with a cab? Ask the cab-driver for: Centro Commercial San Telmo. They won´t know Tapasbar La Costa, but they sure know the disco next door: Punta Cana. 



Are you walking?

Follow the boulevard in Los Cristianos to Playa las Vistas (beach). You´ll see a big fountain.  Walk on until you reach the end of the complex on the left. Can you already see our dutch flags? And the big sign that says ´Punta Cana´? Here take the blue stairs up until street level and you will find us on your right side.


For information and reservations you can always call us: 


Our email-address is:            tapasbar.lacosta@gmail.com


On the internet you´ll also find us on:

Facebook:   Tienjaar Costa